Cancellation/Refund Policies

Cancellation/Refund Policies

1. Purpose

To ensure iiiEM or ''IIIEM Global Training private limited”, hereby known as the ''Company'', delivers a transparent, effective and efficient Participant Fee Refund Process.

2. Scope

This policy applies to past Participants, current Participants and Applicants, their Authorised Representatives and/or Official Sponsors seeking a refund of Participant Fees. The Refund of Participant Fees Policy applies to all Program Fees, Participant Contribution Amounts and Program Money received by the company, or a third party acting under contract on behalf of the company, and applies equally to Monies received either directly or indirectly from the Participant.

This policy also applies to refunds relating to Miscellaneous Participant Fees, deposits, Fines and Charges as defined, payment received for books, videos, study materials, etc.

Any person, seeking a refund from the company within the scope of the policy, is hereby referred as the ''Participant'' in the policy.

3. Policy statement

The Company will conduct all Participant Fee refunds ethically, honestly and with fairness to all parties. This Policy will be applied equally, in the context relevant to the circumstance, to all Participants, past Participants including International Participants.


4. Principles

The company will:


  1. Ensure its refund of Participant fees policy is publicly available to all Participants and applicants.
  2. Include a clause in all Education partner contracts (including admission / support offices) regarding the refunding of program fees received for enrolment purpose. To ensure that education partner's refund policy is in consistence with the refund policy of the company.


5.  Grounds for a refund

The Fees Paid for the Program is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. But the management considers certain cases from time to time and if found genuine, they approve the refund.  But that consideration will be solely on discretion of the management of iiiEM and the decision of management will be considered final. But such cases are considered only if full fees are received from the Participant. Cases where just token amount or partial fees are received, refund will not be given. 

In following cases, iiiEM Management considers giving refund:

  1. A Participant, who pays full fees without deducting the discount, before the date of induction lecture, or first lecture in case of being no induction lecture, if found eligible for a discount, that much discount will be refunded to the Participant. The amount of discount is on the discretion of the management, within the limits stated as per the company policy.
  2. A Participant, who unintentionally or unknowingly pays more amounts of fees than the fees prescribed at that point of time, for the particular program he or she is enrolling in to, is eligible for the refund.
  3. Any Participant, making a payment to purchase books, videos, study material from the company and not receiving the same within 30 days of payment clearance, will be eligible for the refund of the full monies paid for the same. This condition doesn’t apply on the program.
  4. The offer of a place to a Participant is withdrawn by the company or if the company is unable to provide the program. The Participant is entitled to a refund of the monies paid in advance for the program.
  5. The Participant should apply for refund within 30 days of payment or the event mentioned in point 5.4 and 5.5. After that the request would be entertained,


5.  Grounds for refusal to provide services or refund


The company may refuse to provide or continue to provide a program to a Participant in one or more of the following circumstances:


  1. The Participant, or their official sponsor, failed to pay an amount he or she was liable to pay to the company, directly or indirectly, in order to undertake the program;
  2. Misconduct or unethical activity by the Participant in accordance with the company policies,; misbehavior with fellow Participants, any faculty or any staff of iiiEM, fraud with iiiEM or any Participant or faculty or staff will lead to refusal of providing any service to that Participant and no money paid towards the service will be refunded.  


7. Establishing the amount for a refund

The company reserves the right to subtract certain amount from the program money paid by the Participant, while refunding the same. That certain amount will be no more than totaling of:

Where the company gives partial refund to a Participant, it will provide a statement on the method of calculation of the amount, including fees and /or charges deducted.

8. Refund of overseas Participant

Refund to an overseas Participant, paying in foreign currency' (defined for the policy as any currency other than Indian rupees), will be done after deducting the charges as described in point 6, in addition to, foreign exchange rate difference between the date of receiving the payment and the date of payment of the refund, if company is set to incur any such foreign exchange loss due to that transaction.

9. Requesting a refund

All requests for the refund are to be made in writing or by an email. If the request is in writing, the physical copy of request should be sent to the concerned branch manager. If the request is via email, it should be sent to, marking a cc to the concerned branch manager.

It is mandatory for the Participant has to provide following bank details correctly:

  1. Name as mentioned in the account
  2. Bank account number
  3. Name of the bank
  4. Name of the branch of the bank
  5. IFSC code
  6. Swift code (in case of international Participant)

In addition, the accounts department may require proof of identity of the Participant, PAN number, or any details regarding Participant's enrolment / withdrawal / cancellation for the program from the Participant, as required.

10. Refund processing time

Refund processing time the refund, once approved by the branch manager and communicated to the Participant in writing or by an email, will be processed within 15 working days of such communication. The branch manager will need inform accounts department at Head office by an email or mark a cc to, while communicating with the Participant. Proper and correct bank details of Participant, as mentioned in point (8) should be mandatorily given to the accounts department.

If the payment is not processed within 15 working days of such communication, the Participant is entitled to receive interest at the rate of 6% simple interest per annum on the amount of refund.

11. Refund payment method

12.  Transfer of fees

If a Participant doesn’t wish to continue program and wishes that someone else will continue instead of him, or the fees he has paid should be considered against someone else’s admission, that is strictly not allowed.  The fees are strictly non-transferable.